"Everything is Kung-Fu."

"Karate Kid" (2010)

"Everything is Design."


This website is managed in a combination local creation of content in text files – either plain or html – which are then uploaded to the server, and a single, 400 line, index.php which simply displays what files it finds.

How the files are parsed are controlled by very small ini configuration files.

Locally, there is a few hundred line shell script than manages the directory structure and the configuration files – which directly makes changes to the server as needed. There is no "Admin" code running on the server.

Some time ago I gave up the use of any and all, so-called "Content Management System" as they are all (that I have examined, and I have examined all major ones and many others):

Yeah, I'm an old-school curmudgeon, more at home with Bash.

And I know that list is crass and and might be seen as insulting to some. And I had a job at a software engineering firm from which I was fired for my "contrary" views of a major project. And in defense of the state of popular CMS programs, I do know that producing solid, error-free code can be difficult without solid, error-free documentation of the whys and therefores of the code – and keeping them in synch.

Soon, I will release the code for this website. In the meantime, here are some web-programs I have had a finger in: