Whereas code is made by the 'Cult of Diffa' it must be fought at all costs.

A Curious Case of a Firefox Flaw

I hate wasting my time on things like this... Hours wasted, trying to figure out why Firefox was not loading the CSS files of Perldocs's documentation HTML archive I updated today. ...

The Ever Changing Design of the Web

"Layers" make up the underlying protocols of the Internet, but the connections between machines are more like "Webs". Many such Webs make up the Word Wide Web. They have been constantly changing: from HTML meta data definitions to file formats like robots.txt and sitemap.xml. ... [UPDATED]

A Case Against Automatic Updates

Automatic software updates is a good thing until it is not. This article documents the many ways updates occur and why it is not always a good thing.

Manually Updating Windows

How to manually update Microsoft Windows 10 - a long and at times frustrating process to document. (A follow up to the REGISTRY_ERROR article.) [UPDATED]

"Search for this error: REGISTRY_ERROR"

Last month my Windows computer started telling me: "Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. If you would like to know more, search for this error: REGISTRY_ERROR."

And while I was staring at the screen, trying to take this in (and watching the "gathering information ..." percent counter get to 100%), it, um, restarted.

This text is about how to get more information about this error and how I was able to fix it.

UPDATED with some additional information.

Introduction to Code Design

This section of the website will at times only indirectly discuss code design. Sometimes by chronicling software operation, like the next one about a Windows Bug. Sometimes I will discuss actual code, debating esoteric aspects of "good" and "better" coding practices.