"Search for this error: REGISTRY_ERROR"

Last month my Windows computer started telling me: "Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. If you would like to know more, search for this error: REGISTRY_ERROR."

And while I was staring at the screen, trying to take this in (and watching the "gathering information ..." percent counter get to 100%), it, um, restarted.

The Bug

This is about the "Computer idle for 4 minutes and it BlueScreens with error 51" bug. And I was able to fix it. And it was caused by a Windows update in my case. The fix was to uninstall the buggy update. (See The Fix.)

But the first thing I did was to disable the "automatic restart" after a system error because it kept rebooting before could fully record the error message.

The next thing was to try to collect as much information about the error as I could before I tried searching for a fix. (See The Search.)

The Bug Data

The first check was the System Events:

Event 1001, BugCheck The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. The bugcheck was: 0x00000051 (0x0000000000000001, 0xffffc001df511000, 0x000000008f5f6736, 0x00000000000002d2). A dump was saved in: C:\Windows\MEMORY.DMP. Report Id: b3010f32-d5b5-434c-9ab5-3a9cc279b82d.

A BlueScreen stops Windows dead and only some Kernel code runs - no services, etc. - which is way the event log only knows that the error occured when it reboots... as that event data says.

Clicking on "More Information: Event Log Online help" opens this URL with Microsoft Edge:

You can see for yourself where it doesn't go.

You can get a little bit more information in the "Error Report" via "Control Panel\Security and Maintenance" (a page with detailed screen captures: Tracking Down REGISTRY_ERROR Reports).

Source Windows Summary Shut down unexpectedly Date 11/‎25/‎2016 12:46 PM Status Not reported Problem signature Problem Event Name: BlueScreen Code: 51 Parameter 1: 1 Parameter 2: ffffc001df511000 Parameter 3: 8f5f6736 Parameter 4: 2d2 OS version: 10_0_10586 Service Pack: 0_0 Product: 768_1 OS Version: 10.0.10586. Locale ID: 1033

Now comes the difficult part: Trying to find a fix for the REGISTRY_ERROR bug.

A search for "REGISTRY_ERROR" does get to this Microsoft MSDN page: Bug Check 0x51: REGISTRY_ERROR. And I'm like, "Wow! I found the fix... Aw, you gotta be fuc..."

Nothing there. It's bogus.

Then there was the "How To Fix REGISTRY_ERROR Blue Screen Errors (0x00000051)" link to Solvusoft - which is an advertisement for some dubious executable download, and tons of FUD. I'm like, "Ah, no. No fuc... way."

And then the "Solved BSOD when idle for 4 minutes, REGISTRY_ERROR" link at Windows 10 Forums. For which I'm like, "Excellent! I found the fix... Eh? Huh? What? This is fuc..."

Nothing there works and I've wasted a lot of time.

The Fix

Here's how I solved the problem.

First, the bug started the day after I Updated Windows - logical conclusion: one of the updates introduced the bug.

The updates were:

In "Control Panel\programs and Features\Installed Updates" I find that the Windows Security Updates could be uninstalled but the other updates could not be - which is weird... and annoying.

So I one by one uninstalled the updates I could. Rebooted, and waited. After each uninstall the problem persisted.

Last resort - System restore:


So I went through the long process of that - the last restore point before the updates - rebooted and waited.

Problem solved.


What I ended up doing was waiting until several more updates became available, and then manually installed the latest one. (The bug did not reoccur.) See Manually Updating Windows.


Which update - KB3161102, KB3181403 or KB3202790 - caused the bug can only be determined by manually installing them one by one and waiting for the bug to return. An interesting endeavor, but one I am currently too busy to try.

I don't want to spend time "maintaining" my computer; I want to "use" my computer.

I have always been weary of any software's auto-update feature for this reason. And I cannot use Windows Update as blindly as I used to, for it does not offer the ability to choose which updates to install - it just installs whatever is available.

Now I will have to check for available updates and manually install the ones I think I'd need, one at a time, checking system stability after each one.

And lastly, I am sorely disappointed in both Microsoft and the many "Windows Experts" websites that provide forums and Windows "help" - they all do such a poor job at... providing solutions. As one can see in the many "Windows Forums" like at Windows 10 Forums, most Windows Users with problems are just stumbling around in the dark...

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