How To Stop WildFires

The extreme wild fires burning out of control currently in the Western United States are being fought in vain.

Men and women with axes and shovels on the edge of the fires is futile. Dropping fire retardant is futile. Why do I say that? Because the many wild fires are still burning unabated!

But there is a way to stop these fires. Here is how.

First, look at these already available "MRAP" vehicles large enough for front-line fire break potential, manufactured by Oshkosh Defense.

MTVR TractorMTVR Tractor

MTVR Tractor with tankerMTVR Tractor with tanker

MTVR TransportMTVR Transport

And here is how to create Fire Break Vehicles to:

Create hundred yards wide fire breaks to prevent fires from spreading.

(Your imagination will be required to proceed. Take a minute. Relax. Imagine several of these vehicles to tear-up the land before an oncoming fire so the fire will have no way to continue it's destructive path.)

First, two versions of front-line fire break vehicles to scourge the earth, pushing and cutting down trees...

Fire Break Trees OneFire Break Trees One

Fire Break Trees TwoFire Break Trees Two

Followed by an earth digger and scrubber to turn up the dirt...

Fire Break Earth OneFire Break Earth One

Followed by, if needed, a debris hauler to remove excess combustible debris.

Fire Break Debris Hauler OneFire Break Debris Hauler One

With just several of these fire break vehicles a massive fire break can be created to stop the largest of wild fires.

But if more is needed, there are two more support fire break vehicles.

Fire Break Transport OneFire Break Transport One

A reinforced personnel and equipment transport, bringing people safely to, and safely from, fire breaks, along with any equipment they need.

Fire Break Water Tank OneFire Break Water Tank One

A fire break water tanker, capable of carrying up to 5,000 gallons of water to disperse along the fire break.


I am asking for something quite simple, which every creative person can see: For industry to put their heads together – with existing technology – to create vehicles that will, really will, stop wild fires from spreading.

Please, I beg you, creative people, industry leaders, CEOs and everyone else with the resources to fund this.

This can be done. We can save lives by obviously simple, already available technology.